Dam View Studio

Dam View Studios came about through an acoustic/structural facility designed for the capture of warm, even sound waves produced in a controlled environment.

The entire east wall has large double pane windows that embrace a spectacular elevated view of forest covered mountains and river with a hydroelectric dam facility in the foreground.

Formally, “Soundchoice Productions” of Squamish BC Canada, a move to the West Kootenay region of British Columbia provides ready access for musicians residing in the province of Alberta and British Columbia.

june 2011 Vic invoice 007 The new space provides over a 1000 square foot area of recording theater facilitating dedicated spaces for voice, acoustic and electric instruments as well as a dedicated percussion “live” sound adjustable walled area.

A 250 square foot control room is in addition to the recording theater and is connected via intercom.

Another 500 square foot carpeted room is adjacent the main entrance for a rehearsal/warmup area.

For breathable acoustic sound capture, a live 800 square foot theater space (located on the upper floor)  provides a natural warm evenDam View sound utilizing hardwoods, movable blinds and angled curtains.

Main frame digital recording with LOGIC PRO soft ware.

 A variety of  condenser, dynamic and tube microphones in cardioid, omni and figure 8 patterns are  available as required.

The majority of Duncan’s music is produced at Dam View Studios through Sound Choice Productions.


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