Special Dates

Special Dates and Events

Tuesday Evening: Finley’s Irish Bar, Nelson BC

Wednesday Evening: Royal Hotel, Nelson BC

Thursday  Evening: Dam Inn, South Slocan BC

Friday Evening: Ymir Hotel, Ymir BC

Friday Evening: Balfour Beach Inn, Balfour BC

Saturday 1200-1400: West Coast Grill, Prestige Lakeside Inn, Nelson BC

First Sunday,  Evening: Beaver Valley Coffee House, Montrose BC

3rd Sunday,  Evening: Joe Hill Coffee House, Rossland BC

Come out and join all the great local players and support live music!


*** August 21, 2017… Hillsborough Oregon USA

*** August 24-29, 2017…”The Canary”+”BB Kings Blues Club”, Nashville Tx USA

*** August 27, 2017… Oceanway Studio, Nashville, Tx USA

JUST released….. cdbaby.com/cd/duncanrozz

New original songs with a bluesy feel. Produced at Dam View Studio’s.


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