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Duncan’s music career started at the age of 3, with his 92 year old Scottish immigrant grandpa.
Fiddles, bagpipes, dance and poetry were family themes.
The accordion was studied until Classical music of the late 16th century (JS BACH)     became his favorite.
By age 12, the organ key board replaced his interest in accordion.
On keyboard, along with percussion and guitar, fresh rhythms and melodies (of the day) formed personal songs in his first band “The Sapphire Chandeliers”.
One year later, focus shifted again… it was all drums and percussion.

Serious study began at age 14, culminating in performance concert bands, stage bands, jazz ensembles, 3 symphony orchestras, military concert/marching bands, folk, country rock, rock, blues, 3 separate bagpipe bands and a celtic fiddle orchestra.
Now a solo artist (song writer), Duncan enjoys composing/writing and arranging personalized pieces both original and classics. For accompaniment, he plays a 1980, 12 string guitar .
Inspirations abound (when time permits) in attending Douglas College performances and the University of British Columbia’s School of Music’s Masters classes.
Duncan’s first recording experience was in 1970, live at the Kanagawa Prefectural Hall, Yokohama Japan. Touring with a concert band from Vancouver (British Columbia) the performance schedule concluded at the world exposition, Expo 70’ in Osaka.
Affiliated label history: Sound Choice Productions, Leader Broadcasting, Steam Records, Sundown Records and Razor Records.
Duncan is a standing SOCAN member with decades of songs registered.


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